History of Reuben F. Scarf Pty. Ltd Etablished 1928

Reuben F. Scarf's evolved into the present chain of stores over a 60 year span. In 1928 the company was trading out of a small store on Parramatta Road in Annandale, selling everything from Menswear through to Ladies Clothing, Manchester and even drapery - it was the day of the General Merchant.

By 1955 the trend was to specialise. So the general merchant known then as Scarf's Drapers and Mercers gave way to SCARFS MENSWEAR stores. It was in the 1960's that Reuben F. Scarfs became a reality. With a mission to be the most specialise manufacturer and retailer of Quality Men's suits and "cutting out the middle man profit" and selling direct to the public. In no time it became a rapidly expanding and very successful chain.

Over the years REUBEN F. SCARF'S can claim many firsts, In the mid 1950's they were first with time payments or "pay as you wear" and also one of the first to do away with counters and offer open display. The large variety of menswear displayed by this method enabled Reuben F. Scarf to offer choice in the suburbs that normally would only be available to city shoppers.

The Reuben F Scarf winning formula has always been "we won’t be undersold by anybody - not even discounters".

The company is still extensively involved manufacturing or importing many of the products they sell. Buyers travel frequently to the fashion centres in Europe and the USA bringing the best of European fashion trends to Australia at good value prices.

Reuben F. Scarf still specialise in Suits, in fact "SUITS OF EXCELLENCE"
tailored from suitings produced from the leading European Mills. You can buy a superb Reuben F. Suit, that is superior in quality to nationally advertised brands and you only pay around half the price of comparable quality. Reuben F's Suit range starts at an incredible $150.00 up to superbly tailored imported suits great value at $599.00.


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